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Dancewear Tips for novice dancers

Dancewear Tips for novice dancers Fed up of the gym and looking for a fun new way to stay fit and socialise? Or perhaps one of your children is looking for a new hobby? Whatever the reason, dance lessons are an excellent way for kids and adults alike to have fun, meet new people and exercise all at the same time. Starting a beginner's dance class can be daunting, especially concerning what to wear. 

Dance Shoes 
One of the most important parts of the body, in dancing, is your feet. Therefore, making sure you have the right dance shoes for your dance class is essential. For certain classes such as contemporary dance or gymnastics, you won’t need any shoes. For other like tap and ballet having the correct shoes are essential. For that reason, it’s best to go to a specialist dance shop where you can get your shoes fitted. Make sure you are trying on the dance shoes with the socks or tights that you plan on wearing most with them. 

Dance Leotards 
Black, Open Back, Long Sleeve, Competition, Lace, fancy ... there's a lot to choose from. Like shoes, what you wear to a dance class is very much dependent on the type of dance. In general, most classes will wear leotards, but some may also require leggings, tights and even cardigans to be worn with the leotard. Take a browse at the fantastic selection from Cirkis Dancewear where you will find leotards for every kind of class. Make sure you check with your dance school before to ensure you are following their guidelines. Some schools have particular colours or styles they require their dancers to wear.  It is important to remember that leotards are skin tight, so it is a good idea to also invest in dance underwear at the same time.

Dance Tights and Leggings
There are a variety of options, depending on what class you are in, to wear with your leotard. Skin tone, footed, footless ... or just plain Pink? Pink tights are the norm for a ballet class. There are a few different weights for these. Check with your dance teacher as to which ones they prefer to see. For dance styles such as Modern, Tap and Jazz 'Jazz Pants' can be worn on top of your leotard.  However, our super comfy and smooth leggings are a great option and will also keep your muscles warm.
You can find our, very popular, Cotton Lycra leggings with power mesh panels on our website. Click here to view. 

Dance Skirts
A beautiful accessory for your dance outfit, skirts are often incorporated into dance and used as a prop like in the tango for instance. As with everything dance related, the type of skirt needed is very much dependent on the style of dance. Practice skirts are different than performance outfits so make sure you buy a practice one for your class. For ballet, this can be a short wrap around sheer skirt while in other classes this may consist of a longer, floaty skirt. Check with your teacher what kind of skirt you need. 

Cardigans and t-shirts
Practical and stylish, cardigans and t-shirts are worn over leotards to keep dancers warm when they are not dancing and also as a fun accessory to add a personal touch to your look. As well as this, wearing a leotard for the first time can be a little daunting, so cardigans or t-shirts are a great way to make you feel more confident at your first dance lesson.
If you are attending a ballet class, a traditional ballet cardigan can be very comfortable. These are quite fitted and are tied at the back. These come in a variety of colours and materials to match your leotard so that you look beautifully groomed and tidy... and ready for Ballet class.  

Understandably hair must be tied up for your dance class. If it’s just a regular class, the style you tie it up in shouldn’t matter I.e a pony tail or a bun etc. This being said, some instructors are more particular than others, so it is always best to ask. For ballet classes, for example, the traditional style is to have your hair in a bun. A bun should be created (you'll need some practice for this) and pinned in place with hairpins and a bun net. A little bit of hairspray is always handy! For shows, glitter hairspray is still popular and will give you that added sparkle to your performance. 

Dance Accessories 
Dance accessories are a great way to add your own personal style to your dance outfit especially if you are in a class where everyone wears the same thing. Embrace 80’s fashion with a pair of legwarmers. These are an excellent accessory for classes like ballet and contemporary dance where you often wear leotards and can get cold. Dance bags are also essential for taking your things to and from your class as well as water bottles to stay hydrated.  Check out these Baby Pink Rucksacks with Pom. Click here to view.

Warm Up and Practise wear
It's essential that you keep yourself warm, especially after the class has finished as muscles are warm and no one wants an injury due to cooling down too quickly. So when going to and from your dance class, it's vital that you have the right dancewear! Invest in a good tracksuit, hoody/jumper or even a big 'Onesie' to avoid this happening. You will find that most dance schools have their own 'uniform' As your dance teacher about it.  We believe that we have some of the best practise wear around. Click here to view our range of practise wear.

Wearing certain types of jewellery can be dangerous when dancing so make sure all necklaces and bracelets are removed before your class. Studded earrings can sometimes be allowed, but again it is best to double check as they may need to be covered with tape. 

Make Up 
Whether you wear make-up to practice or not is not an issue although you can get sweaty whilst practicing and the make-up can run and block up your pores. For shows, stage makeup is often used and is done based on the preference of your teacher and/or the person putting on the production. 

Now you have read our top ten tips for dance novices please pop in and see us to at the Cirkis Dancewear factory in Glasgow's West End to get kitted out ... or, as you are already doing :) visit from the comfort of your own home where we have lots of items for you to explore. You are now nearly ready for dance class. Enjoy!
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