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Age 10 Boys Tap Costume

Age 10 Boys Tap Costume
Age 10 Boys Tap Costume Age 10 Boys Tap Costume Age 10 Boys Tap Costume Age 10 Boys Tap Costume
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Price: £400.00
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New age10 boys tap costume.

This handsome Ring Master inspired boys tap costume, consists of a leotard long sleeved top, which we have decorated with a black lace strip to the front and stoned in black diamond crystals. We have very heavily stoned the centre of the sleeves in a mix of crystal ab stones, and at the chest also, for extra sparkle!  At the neck is a gold bow tie stoned in aurum(gold) crystals. The shoulders have been trimmed with metallic gold fringe and stoned with large crystal ab gems.

The trousers are a luxurious smooth black velvet, which we have trimmed at the sides in black shine lycra and stoned in a mix of black diamond ss20 and 30's and followed the same stones onto the waist band and tail effect panels at the back.

The costume is completed with a black top hat, which we have again stoned, in black diamond crystals and trimmed with a gold band, stoned in aurum crystals.

Overall, a very special looking costume at an amazing price!

Approx measurements are as follows and all in centimetres.

Chest 64cms
Neck 29cms
Sleeve 45cms
Waist 59cms
Hip 69cms
Thigh 41cms
Calf 27cm
Ankle 18cms
Front to back neck ( full body length) 110cms
Waist to ankle 72cms
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